Gospel Light House of Prayer International

Pastor: Daniel Whyte III

Gospel Light House of Prayer is an international gathering of followers of Jesus Christ. Together we unite to worship our Saviour, pray to God, and become stronger in our faith through the sound teaching of God’s Word. We hope that you will join us each week for new messages that will challenge you to live for God.

Gospel Light House of Prayer is a para church ministry. If you already have a church home that you love and are satisfied with, we do not wish to take the place of that church home. We are here primarily for Christians who find themselves in the following situations:

  • For those who are being persecuted and cannot go to their home church because of the fear of being killed.
  • For those new Christians who have not yet found a permanent, Bible-believing church where they can be fed and taught.
  • For those who are sick and shut-in who do not have a church home or find it difficult to attend church physically.
  • For those who live in remote areas where there is not a good church nearby to attend.
  • For those who have grown fed up with traditional church meetings, and who have already chosen to worship with family and friends in a home church setting.
  • For those who enjoy a “simple church” meeting where believers gather to sing a few hymns, pray, and hear the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

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